WoodWing Software was founded in 2000 to enable companies realize the full potential of their digital content. Today brands, marketers, media production, creative agencies and publishers use our products to create, manage, publish and monetize their digital and physical content. To print, web, tablet, social and mobile

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Sprylab is a German Berlin based company developing end to end workflow solutions for creating apps for brands and publishers. Sprylab software collaborates closely with Adobe InDesign and WoodWing software. Purple DS® is a hosted service for brands and publishers to create interactive apps for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and brochures. Graphit offers Purple DS® integrated with WoodWing software.

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Journal Designer is an issue based flat plan solution fully integrated with WoodWing software.
With Journal Designers editors are able to plan digitally issues and adds for magazines and newspapers.

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Marketers are constantly looking to launch products faster and improve their customer engagement programs. With omnichannel communication it’s both easier to reach more people and harder to maintain brand consistency.

WoodWing elvis DAM digital asset management helps marketing professionals manage, collaborate on and distribute marketing assets and digital collateral that are on-message and on-brand. Faster and more easily.

Boost your marketing operations

  • Manage and share all your marketing assets
  • Stay in full control of your brand’s collateral
  • Speed up content creation and localization
  • Eliminate cost of lost work and rework
  • Collaborate on and manage approval process
  • Available as private cloud solution

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Adobe is worldwide market leader in software tools for creative designers.
With Adobe Creative Cloud tools, brands and publishers are able to create rich digital content for all media channels.

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65Bit is the company behind EasyCatalog, EasyCatalog allows you to connect designs in Adobe InDesign with structured data sources like XML, CSV ore even directly connect to PIM solutions.
With EasyCatalog brands are able to create automatically pricelists, brochures and catalogues. EasyCatalog ia a worldwide standard Adobe InDesgn based database publishing.

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Enfocus is a leading software company specializing in the development of tools to control the quality of PDF files for print and to automate workflow processes in the graphic arts industry. The company’s innovative solutions streamline the workflow throughout the complete production chain – from design to final print – thereby connecting printers, publishers and designers.
Famous products are Enfocus PitStop and Switch.

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Elpical Claro Premedia provides a complete image processing workflow for optimizing and standardizing images. Claro Premedia analyses each image by a set of specific parameters and improves images with the highest possible quality. Claro Premedia may also perform other image processing tasks such as conversions based on intelligent ICC profiles or file format conversions.

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NEP is the hosting partner of Graphit. The NEP cloud services are designed for organizations that plan to incrementally make the move towards the cloud: a gradual transformation to a flexible and scalable model. The expectations of end users towards IT are getting higher, applications need to be available 24/7; on any device and from any location. The flexibility, elasticity, availability and level of automation offered by the cloud services of NEP unburden and fit each organization phase.

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Coordinating your marketing activities to create high-impact, multi-channel online content with internal teams and external agencies is a major challenge.
Wrike is a leading cloud platform for streamlining the context creation of your campaigns and projects, monitoring progress, simplifying planning and making teams work better together.

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