Create, manage and plan all your campaigns in one environment.

The number of campaigns is growing explosively due to the possibilities of omnichannel marketing and marketing automation. To create content you work with all kinds of internal and external content teams consisting of designers, photographers and copywriters. How do you monitor these processes such as briefing, deadlines, approval on time and the use of the content by the various teams?

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Do you also recognize yourself in this as a marketer?

get full grip and control over your omnichannel Storytelling!

Get started with Wrike's campaign management tool, specially created for marketers and traffic managers. All internal and external teams involved in campaign creation and management can collaborate efficiently with Wrike anytime, anywhere and maintain control of all resources and campaigns. Get real-time insight into the digital performance of your content with the new module 'Marketers Performance'.

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Get the best out of your people, teams and technology!

Whitepaper: Nine Reasons Why Marketers Love Wrike

Learn how Wrike unifies your marketing processes, streamlines communication and boosts campaign results. With inspiring stories and tips from the industry.

What's in it for you?


View real-time reports and statuses of your projects.

Easier planning

Easily convert strategies into efficient execution processes.

Better cooperation

Let teams easily collaborate digitally in one central place.

Streamline workflow

Efficiently manage planning and approval for content creation.

Building bridges between brand and technology

Graphit optimizes content creation and publication processes at clients such as Yamaha, Hoogvliet, Koopman, NCOI, Albelli. We believe that brands are at their best when their marketing processes are highly automated.

Wrike is simple and easy to integrate with Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Graphit's content creation workflow platform Publication Organiser. Our experts are ready to help you set up the Wrike campaign management platform with which you can centralize, plan and manage all campaigns. Ready? Request a quick scan or demo now!

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