Working at home? We are happy to help you!

The corona virus has got us all quite a bit and it is expected that it will take a while. Our helpdesk receives many questions from customers who want to make arrangements for their employees to work from home.

In recent years, more and more customers have started using our online platform for DAM & Content creation. It appears that these parties can now switch to a working from home situation with great flexibility and can continue to work together efficiently and without problems.

We like to offer our platform in an accessible way to enable working from home with Adobe CC software and to easily share files with colleagues without having to constantly copy the files back and forth. All files are on our platform and everyone can access them. If you want to edit files, you can check them out, edit them locally and check them in again. Instead of sending files, you email a link, which can be opened in a web browser, to a colleague who will find the relevant files there. In this way, everyone can work from home easily and flexibly and still work together with colleagues.

We are happy to explain how we can help you with this. You can do this contact with your trusted contact person at Graphit.


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