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With the CONTENT CREATION module, you do not collect and create storytelling content specifically for one channel, but media-neutral, so that you can ultimately publish online and offline from one workflow.
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Do you also want to create your content media-neutral so that you can easily publish it at any time to any channel?



The platform supports teams in a new way of working for media-neutral content creation, breaking the silos between print and digital.


With the help of the platform, you can ultimately publish on digital channels such as your website Facebook, Apple News, and mobile apps. Channel-specific things such as urls and seo can of course be added within the platform. Graphit offers plug-ins for web CMS systems, social media and mobile apps.


You prepare a media-neutral article or a story by collecting all relevant content in so-called files. Images, video and illustrations can be easily added from the integrated DAM system.


Of course you can still make magazines, brochures and other print materials using Adobe InDesign templates. It allows content to be scheduled to pages and automatically formatted using Adobe InDesign templates.


With the multichannel editor you create stories with variants for digital and print channels. You place your story on a predetermined layout for your website, for social or for print. This preview allows you to rate your story before publishing it. This way you can easily create responsive digital articles that look great on any device.


The content creation and publishing processes are supported by a workflow where copywriters, editors and designers collaborate online and can view, verify, edit and approve the statuses of articles or pages on a digital shelf.


Ter Steege Graphit EasyCatalog 1

Ter Steege automatic layout of brochures

Ter Steege is a wholesaler of a large and diverse range of pots, lifestyle items and souvenirs. All products are of our own design and are manufactured at our own locations in Asia and Portugal, among others. The marketing department takes care of the brochures and price lists with an in-house design studio. Graphit helped Ter Steege automate the layout of these documents.

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Quantore EasyCatalog

Quantore automatic formatting catalogs

Quantore is a cooperative and the house brand of more than 400 office retailers in the Netherlands.
The range includes more than 24,000 office supplies. Various catalogs are drawn up every year to support sales. Read how Graphit helped with the automatic layout of their various catalogs in InDesign.

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Ingredients for digital transformation are now available at GroenRijk and GRS Retail

GRS & Groenrijk Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Within the marketing campaign, GRS Retail and GroenRijk offer their members various marketing expressions (including folders, advertisements, social media messages) in digital and printed form. GroenRijk also manages its own webshop. There are the necessary wishes to be able to roll out the marketing campaigns properly. The webshop must be lifted to a higher level, designers want to be able to work more efficiently and the members of GRS Retail want to align their marketing resources more closely with the local market.

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With a workflow for media-neutral content creation, you are able to publish to all channels from one Content Management System.
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With the DAM module you can efficiently manage and share all your digital brand assets and content, such as photos, illustrations, logos, videos, audio, presentations.
With a workflow for media-neutral content creation, you are able to publish to all channels from one Content Management System.