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Publication overview / Digital shelf

Print layouts can be viewed and assigned in the workflow to specific users with items highlighted that require attention. The publication overview gives teams insight into the status of a publication, while progress is monitored and deadlines are monitored.

WoodWing_studio-Digital shelf overview


Do you also want to create your content media-neutral so that you can easily publish it at any time to any channel?

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Structure from the beginning

In WoodWing Studio's editor, content is created with structured components (titles, text, images, videos, etc.) for easy reuse for any channel (digital and print) or for sharing between brands. You easily create variants of the same story and easily apply channel or brand-specific tweaks and then publish them directly to the relevant channel.

Do you also want to be able to publish to all channels simply, faster and at a lower cost? Read more about our workflow platform for content creation, multichannel publishing and about WoodWing Assets.