WoodWing Experience: are you there too?

WoodWing organizes its biennial international Experience in Amsterdam on 28 and 29 May. We would like to invite you to attend this event! What can you expect?

Continuous transformation: not an option, but a must

'Continuous transformation' has been chosen as the theme this year. But what does this term actually mean? In short: continuous transformation is necessary in order to respond to the constantly changing media landscape in which you want to communicate with your target group through high-quality content.

A very interesting topic that will be discussed in detail during the two-day event. How? WoodWing brings together speakers and experts from different brands and publishers around the world to share their knowledge of continuous transformation.

Get inspired!

What you can look forward to as a participant? Appealing presentations about innovating multichannel content creation processes and distribution processes. Get inspired: discover how other organizations use WoodWing software and what new developments you can expect in the near future. Curious about the program? View the overview of speakers, presentations and workshops. The list will be further expanded in the coming weeks.

Do you like to exchange experiences with colleagues? There is also plenty of opportunity for this during the event!

Program highlight: Yamaha and Graphit

How did Yamaha optimize its content creation and content distribution processes for marketing 26 European countries? On Tuesday 28 May, Renzo Moscou from Yamaha Motor Europe and Joris de Jong from Graphit will explain it together.

Would you also like to be present? We cordially invite you to the WoodWing Experience. You can register here. We hope to see you in Amsterdam at the end of May!


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