• Search, find, filter and download assets through simple searches using metadata, collections, attributes, keywords and taxonomy.
  • Preview items before a user downloads or opens a file on their own device.
  • Being able to track the relationship between the original file, variants and versions thereof.
  • Being able to follow images in publications or documents in which they have been used and vice versa (parent – child).
  • The ability to download files on demand in a desired format, resolution.
  • Full text search

DAM IS THE foundation for cross-media experiences

Analysts see a DAM platform as a precondition for content marketing and offering cross-media experiences for your customers.


  • Being able to easily import and metadate individual assets or in bulk; metadata is descriptive information about the file such as file name, camera data, date, geodata. In addition, keywords, (taxonomy) article number and, for example, article description.
  • Being able to store all relevant types of digital files and metadata.
  • Auto-tagging using AI (integration with Clarifai).
  • Support up to 1 billion assets.


  • Secure access to assets for specific users with specific roles and rights.


  • A central workflow based on statuses in which all stakeholders can collaborate on the creation, approval, distribution and reuse of the assets.
  • Easily sharing (via email) files with internal and external stakeholders via a share link.
  • The ability to create Collections to collect assets for campaigns and publications.
  • Plugins for Adobe InDesign, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Extensive version management & history.


Brand portal for opening up all brand assets to all internal and external stakeholders.