ASSETS APIs for custom integrations

The WoodWing Assets APIs allow for integration with third party software such as a Web CMS, MDM, PIM, e-Commerce and other systems, be it retrieving information from Assets or pushing assets to other systems .

By using the Assets REST API, developers can easily retrieve all types of data from the DAM. All Assets functions can be accessed through the API. With this you can build integrations such as:

  • A Web CMS that has access to the assets to publish on your website.
  • A PIM system that retrieves product photos to display with the product information.
  • An e-commerce site that pulls the latest and accurate product images from WoodWing Assets.
  • An editorial system that can search for editorial content in the DAM.
  • Search and use the right assets for your design from an online editor.

Functions within the REST API

  • Search for items, including metadata, original files, and previews.
  • Manage assets, including upload, update, delete, copy and move.
  • Manage folders and collections.
  • Manage links.

Webhooks API

WoodWing Assets also has a Webhooks API, enabling real-time even-driven integrations. It gives you more control and additional integration options, including:

Real-time enrichment of metadata by integrating an AI service such as Clarifai or Google.
User notifications when a file has been changed or added, for example via email or Slack.
Live synchronization of Elvis with another system, for example to push the latest product shots to a PIM.

The webhooks API works on triggers such as

  • File events: upload, change metadata, check in, delete, etc.
  • Folder Events: create, copy, move.
  • Share Link Events: create, delete.

Do you want deeper technical info?

You can find more technical information on the website of the WoodWing Help Center.


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