How you can save costs with a Digital Asset Management System

When you want to invest in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, you may be hating the cost and wondering how to recoup it.

You communicate with your customers on a daily basis. Via your website, blogs, social media mail and also offline. For this communication you naturally want to use beautiful images, designs, video and other rich, beautifully designed branded content.

To create and reuse this content, you work together with designers, photographers, product managers, translators, you name it. A lot of time is wasted searching for files, editing texts, adjusting layouts, translating and finally publishing on the relevant media channel.

A Digital Asset Management solution primarily helps you by centrally managing all your brand content, such as images, videos, InDesign and Illustrator and Powerpoint files. By working together more efficiently of all parties involved, you can explicitly save costs, speed up the time to market and ultimately easily share rich visual content with your target group on all conceivable channels on a daily basis.

This guide covers the following topics:

-Problems searching, finding and reusing your brand assets
Copyright Infringement Procedures
-The lack of version control on digital assets
-Inefficient file and digital asset management
-Digital assets are not properly tagged / stored
-Share and distribute digital assets with multiple stakeholders
Bottlenecks in the creative execution
- Needlessly recreate and buy digital assets and images
-Inadequate monitoring of your corporate identity
-Security and protection of your digital capital, assets

We explain how a Digital Asset Management System can solve these typical problems and how it can help you save money.