Webinar Retail Workflow Platform - Publication Organizer

Digital transformation is a trend that is continuing in the retail world. In addition to the house and house folders, web, app and social media can no longer be ignored. Omnichannel marketing is more important than ever. To share your (weekly) offers and campaigns, you are working hard to create new content for all your media channels. Compiling the door-to-door brochures in particular is often very time-consuming.

Wouldn't it be great if you could collaborate much smarter with everyone involved, internally and externally.

In our webinar, Mariette van het Kaar and Joris de Jong explain the importance of Content Orchestration and how Graphit and Hoogvliet have optimized the content creation processes for their weekly campaigns. Experience the power of automated layout for yourself in this practical webinar with our Retail Workflow Platform Publication Organizer.

Yamaha Motor Europe, Groenrijk, DekaMarkt, CASA, Dirk, Koopman International, NCOI Opleidingen are already successfully using our cloud platform Publication Organizer.


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