What exactly do you have to imagine with the support that you can expect from Graphit? Our own Frank and David will tell you more about it.

Graphit customers - brand owners and publishers such as Reed Business, New Skool Media, Yamaha Motor Europe, Dekamarkt, NCOI and Albelli - use our software platforms. These organizations often have to deal with critical deadlines, for example due to the appearance of a magazine, a door-to-door folder or a new product release on the website. It is crucial that the maximum uptime of the platform is guaranteed and that they can fall back to our support department in case of problems or questions. What exactly do you have to imagine with the support that you can expect from Graphit? In this blog, SLA manager Frank Scholts and support manager David Tempelman explain it!

"Tailor-made Service Level Agreement for our customers"

When a project is completed, our customers enter the support and management phase. From that moment on we offer a tailor-made Service Level Agreement (SLA) to support them professionally. “In this we have laid down agreements regarding the content of our services and the associated privacy laws and regulations,” says Frank. “The SLA contains, for example, information about the availability of the service, the first and second line support, response times, (calamities) management and reporting. By recording such service agreements with each other, we unburden our customers and we know exactly what to expect from each other. ” Graphit uses the hosting and service facilities of NEP Worldwide to host the platforms.

"We handle failures and requests through a streamlined system"

Customers can reach the Graphit helpdesk by phone and email, but also via the online support portal. You can go to the helpdesk with all your functional, technical and application questions. “A customer can contact our helpdesk for various reasons,” says David. "If the platform does not function properly - for example due to a malfunction - you can create a ticket via the portal."

“In the SLA we agree on a response time within which we must respond,” adds Frank. “And if first-line support cannot solve the problem, it will be passed on to our application specialists within second-line support. They have in-depth knowledge of applications such as Elvis DAM, WoodWing Enterprise Aurora, EasyCatalog and Adobe InDesign. I monitor the process of handling the problem and will escalate where necessary in consultation with the customer. ”

“In addition, customers can indicate wishes or request adjustments in the platform,” continues David. “For example, if you want to make an adjustment in a workflow or if there are functionalities that are missing, you can report this to the helpdesk as a change or a request. We will investigate internally whether the request is feasible and what its impact is. ”

"Management of the DAM and Content creation platform"

“In addition to helpdesk support, Graphit also provides periodic preventive management of the platforms,” says Frank. “This means that we proactively monitor the platforms in order to be able to anticipate any problems at an early stage. If necessary, we install patches to prevent or resolve issues. We also carry out updates and upgrades in consultation. ”

Frank explains why this is so important: “We realize that customers must be able to fully rely on our support to meet deadlines. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that our customers' deadlines are not compromised! ”


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