VPRO Guide opts for a multichannel platform: "Graphit works closely with us and dares to be honest"

Recently the name 'Multimedia Publisher VPRO Guide' was created. This expresses an ambition: in addition to the paper guide, this branch of the VPRO also wants to develop digital activities. This turned out to require a multichannel platform for content creation, publication and management. The VPRO Guide chose to realize this platform with Aurora and WoodWing Assets (both from Woodwing). “The platform is very important to us,” says Jasper Koning, channel manager at the VPRO Guide. “We use this to easily digitize the guide every week. In this way, we not only prepare the print version, but also the digital version. ”

"With the platform, cutting and pasting is a thing of the past"

“All our editors now work in Aurora and freelancers deliver their pieces here,” says Jasper. That is progress, because the editors used to work in Word and then do cut and paste work. The new platform, which came about through intensive collaboration with Graphit, provides more structure: “Every week a file is automatically generated from the platform containing the entire guide, including articles and images. This is automatically imported into our web CMS, Magnolia. Our web editorial team then edits the guide: on Friday we put the finishing touches and make sure everything is ready in Aurora, on Monday morning we check everything one more time in Magnolia and on Tuesday the guide goes online.

"Graphit is a stable factor and Aurora offers specific advantages"

The collaboration with Graphit is not new: the VPRO Guide has been working satisfactorily with Graphit for years. Jasper: "When everything had to change for us, it was nice to keep one aspect stable." Moreover, during the first encounter with Aurora, the advantages quickly emerged. “We needed to upgrade Woodwing's CMS anyway and we needed Aurora to make the paper magazine. Moreover, we turned out to be able to link it well with Magnolia, a CMS that is purely intended for websites. WoodWing Assets came into play for image management - we started using this on the advice of Graphit. Graphit helped us very well in setting up the entire process. What we really like is that Graphit thinks along. For example, we are currently looking at whether we can use WoodWing Assets in a different way in the process. Graphit dares to give honest advice in this. ”

The VPRO Guide in turn also likes to think along: “As an extremely critical club, we scrutinize everything, including the systems we work with. Graphit will soon visit us together with Woodwing to discuss a number of points that in our view may be just a little different. In this way we hope to contribute to making the system even more beautiful! ”


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