PIM: the key to a better customer experience

In our previous blog we told about the content creation challenges that marketers face in 2017 and how they can overcome them. To communicate effectively, it is necessary to have your content creation processes medium and brand neutral. This enables you to work efficiently and to be able to quickly anticipate market developments.

In this blog we zoom in on a similar challenge that many of our customers face. We see more and more B2B and B2C retailers, e-tailers, manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers struggling with processes in which they collect and edit textual and image content.

This content is needed for compelling commercial product descriptions and images on the website and in brochures and catalogs. This customer experience determines whether or not customers purchase products. The better that customer experience, the more sales.

Managing product information… too many sources!

Marketing and product managers struggle with converting raw ERP data into attractive product descriptions. Organizations get lost in the various software packages, databases and Excel sheets that they use side by side.

This way of working has several drawbacks. For example, a lot of time is lost in the continuous updating of this information and the much-needed "single version of the truth" is missing for every product. The result is unnecessary workload, inconsistent use of the information, and delay in time to market. And that is a shame.

As a brand you want to be able to manage, edit, burn and ultimately share your content in one central place 24/7 across all possible online and offline channels. And of course you don't want to publish incorrect information or waste energy and time on separate corrections per channel.

PIM will help you out

PIM stands for Product Information Management. Graphit integrates Publication Organizer with various PIM systems, such as InRiver, Hybris, Stibo and Akeneo.

A PIM solution helps in the efficient and effective use of commercial product information. PIM solutions include simple tools for controlling every aspect of the key stages of the entire PIM process: not only the provision and enhancement of product information, but also the planning, branding, and publication of product introductions, collections, and marketing campaigns.


Our advice to anyone who is struggling with their product information processes and therefore not getting the most out of their business: consider a PIM solution. The Graphit Publication Organizer publishing platform can be seamlessly integrated with any PIM system. With Publication Organizer you bring all the content you need for your campaigns, so product content, visuals and storytelling content, together and plan, enrich and publish it to all your online and offline channels.


We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss these challenges!


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