"Take control as a marketer: bring the fragmented content landscape back together."

Lockdown and curfew extension until March 2. 'Work from home as much as possible' was Rutte's advice. That works well for me, but it is not always easy… ..especially when my children (4 and 10 years old) came to sit at home and homeschooling was involved. It was chaotic fun, from a 32-hour work week to a part-time mother, teacher, colleague, and planner. This week it became quieter in the house and I am looking for my own working mode again. Because with these figures it looks like we will be working from home for a while. In any case, meeting large teams is not an option yet, so I (and many with me) fully embrace video conferencing, calling, chatting and emailing colleagues, suppliers and customers.

Remote team
In the beginning, remote working was clumsy, perhaps amateurish. But we 'home workers' got the hang of it pretty quickly with a new digital balance. Recently I heard from a behavioral therapist that working from home sounds like 'a negative variant of real work'. It would be better if we talked about 'a remote team' that use digital tools in order to work together even better. After almost 1 year of the corona crisis, everyone has their own workplace at home. At the (kitchen) table, in the attic or, the lucky us ... a private office. Practice shows that we need more than just a 'place' with a computer and telephone. Clear structures and online platforms are necessary to work efficiently online with colleagues and other teams.

Digital transformation in marketing
Digital marketing strategy has become part of the digital transformation. We notice that brand marketing technology has exploded in size in recent years and marketers have rapidly adapted to the new digital reality. Marketing, in my opinion the heart of the organization, communicates with customers more often and on different channels. They help the business take it a step further provide sales with data-driven insights and by creating sales-oriented content. I still see a fragmented content landscape at many retail organizations. For example, organizations that have completely separated their digital and physical channels from each other. All chunks of content are stored in different places, so that various teams cannot or cannot make use of each other's content.

Content chaos
Sharing information and content is continuous. You ask a colleague for a file or image and you receive it via email, wetransfer, MS Teams, whatsapp and so on. Later in the week you don't remember how you received it. Or you work in an outdated version of a text ……. That way you do a lot of work, which afterwards often took a lot of time and effort. Time that you, as a marketing manager, would rather invest in the effectiveness of campaigns!

For a bit to wait….
When creating content you have to deal with large and heavy files. To be able to share this or have it approved, we often use wet transfer. It is a shame that you actually have to do this via an external tool. Uploading takes a lot of time for the sender and the recipient does not have direct access to the files. Depending on the speed of his / her internet or if the file does not download immediately, there is a chance that the link has already expired.

Take control as a marketer
Graphit offers a platform (DAM, Workflow platform and Indesign Automation) that makes it possible to efficiently collaborate on rich content creation with different teams. Easily share files, folders, POS material with colleagues and external parties without having to constantly copy the files back and forth. All files are on our platform that everyone can access (with roles and rights). If you want to edit files, you can check them out, edit them locally and check them in again. Instead of sending files, you email a link, which can be opened in a web browser, to a colleague who will find the relevant files there. In this way, everyone can work easily and flexibly from home and still work together, in the most current version, with colleagues. So take control as a marketer! If you automate your marketing processes, you streamline the content process and you get the overview back.

Would you like to exchange thoughts about the possibilities or do you need inspiration to do it in a different way than you do now? Don't hesitate to contact us. I would like to help you.

Or download the whitepaper "Regain control of the process of content creation and multichannel storytelling"


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