Our look back at 2020

Just a few more weeks and then the year will be over. A very special year in which the unthinkable has almost become the new normal.

In January and February, some of us were still on (ski) vacation and there seemed to be little to worry about. At the end of February, the first corona cases in the Netherlands became known and the first people had to be quarantined. From the first week of March, everything was turned upside down.

Picking up the thread again

In those first weeks, we were almost all upset and many projects went on hold. Naturally, we were deeply concerned about what the impact would be for our company and our people. Fortunately, we were soon able to pick up the thread together with our customers and carry out projects remotely. We worked in shifts in the office, worked completely from home, planned at home and at the office after the summer. And completely from home again from October. Whatever the case, we have all proven that we can support our relations - regardless of where we do this - very well.

Need for digital transformation

During the year it became clear that the need for digital transformation is increasingly felt at many companies. In many organizations, corona seems to have created new momentum for further process optimization. Digital collaboration from home with designers, copywriters, employee traffic and other participants in content creation processes requires more than ever workflow support and centralization of assets.

So we tried to make the best of it together. The one and a half meter society, the mandatory face masks, not on the road for a cup of coffee at customers, but online training courses & workshops and digital meetings. And not to forget the adjustments at home; setting up a workplace, helping our children and exercising at home…. We actually got used to it very quickly. Thus the unthinkable became the new normal.

Hold on to the positives

Above all, let's hold on to the positives of this year and hope we get rid of corona soon. We will probably also continue to work remotely after corona, so we will spend less time at the office, work more from home and therefore drive back and forth less unnecessarily. Of course that helps to limit CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, we also look forward to visiting our relations regularly, so that we can also work together face to face and inspire each other.

Christmas gesture

Oh yes, as a Christmas gesture this year no business gifts, but a hospital tent for people all over the world in medical need. An action by Doctors Without Borders. We wish you, together with your loved ones, a very Merry Christmas and, above all, a healthy 2021.

The Graphit Team


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