New Skool Media: the value of your digital assets

Rob Koghee is Managing Partner and co-founder of publishing house New Skool Media. He bought 19 titles from Sanoma and titles from Relx, including Elsevier. The publisher now has a turnover of 16 million euros. New Skool Media is one of our clients.


The publishing world is characterized by one thing: change. Publishers have to constantly reinvent themselves. Not only are advertising revenues falling, they also have to compete with people starting their own publishing house: bloggers.

Publishing employees must go through a 180 degree change: they must understand the online world and know everything about lead generation, CPM and CPC, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Koghee daily challenges his colleagues to change their mindset and adapt to readers' needs and expectations.


Not magazines but brands

New Skool Media has numerous websites for its titles and publishes through various online channels. In fact, the publishing house has become an online business. New Skool Media no longer talks about magazines, but about brands. The only way to make magazines successful in the future is to build those brands through other means.

However, you should not underestimate the value of professional content, it will always be a need, according to Koghee. Every reader has specific interests, and you have to respond to them. Thanks to all the possibilities offered by the technology, you may know, for example, that a particular reader is crazy about preparing fish dishes, especially cod.

You can then offer such a reader 15 alternative cod recipes for free via their mobile phone.
But then your content must be organized in such a way that this is possible. For that you need a DAM: a Digital Asset Management system. This way you can ensure that your content about fish dishes is easy to find and reuse.

Structure your content!

You can enter your content into InDesign, but to distill text and images from an old publication you have to manually pull your content apart. Consistently well-ordered metadata - the labels that you put on content parts - are important to properly structure your content. But metadata only have real value when the hierarchical relationship between your metadata is clearly formulated, and that's what taxonomy does.


DAM is a solution that, using metadata and taxonomy, among other things, ensures that you can easily reuse existing content and create new content faster - together with other parties such as an internal studio, advertising agencies, designers, DTP studios, photographers, illustrators, etc. and printers.

DAM enables publishers and their partners to create content based on centrally developed assets using guidelines in a brand portal. Digital Asset Management is therefore the basis for omnichannel content creation, personalization and transcreation.

Elsevier leads the way

In short, DAM is the answer to efficiently managing and effectively distributing all your digital brand assets and content such as photos, illustrations, videos, music, copy and designs.

Graphit helped New Skool Media with the implementation of a Digital Asset Management system. Thanks to DAM, Elsevier uses and reuses its content efficiently, but they are an exception in the publishing world.


Do you also want to easily reuse your existing content and create new content faster, so that you can serve your readers even better? Don't hesitate to spar with us.


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