Hoogvliet: the automation of layout in weekly campaigns

In our previous blog we explained how a PIM - a product information system - is a solution for the central management of all kinds of commercial product information. Using a PIM gives you easy access to complete and updated information about your product range. Based on that information, you want to promote your products through all kinds of commercial communications - and that is the challenge we discuss in this blog!

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Weekly campaigns

Retailers work with weekly campaigns in which they promote different products every week, both off and online. Think of door-to-door brochures, POS material and banners. The preparation of this promotional material often takes too much time. If this process is not well organized and largely done manually, you will waste an awful lot of time and incur unnecessary costs.

We will now explain to you, using a practical example, how you can tackle this challenge!

Formatting troubles

This case concerns a collaboration between digital retail agency Kega and Hoogvliet Supermarkten. Hoogvliet developed a new brand and communication strategy together with Kega. This strategy is translated weekly into various online and offline means of communication. Optimizing such a process is an enormous challenge. Kega asked Graphit to jointly develop a solution for automating the layout of the door-to-door folders, the POS material and the banners of Hoogvliet.

Ingenious: the Layout robot

Kega and Graphit developed a method for Hoogvliet in which they can structurally export content for all online and offline communication from their PIM, and upload it directly into the Kega portal. The layout is automatically generated via this portal. Hoogvliet then randomly receives the previews of the pages as a PDF. After all products are in the right place in the folder, Kega takes care of the final layout and Hoogvliet receives the final proofs.

The ingenious thing is that the Excel data that Hoogvliet uploads is automatically filtered so that only the relevant information is imported into Kega's EasyCatalog InDesign server. A layout robot in Adobe InDesign then takes care of the layout of the folder and the POS material. This is done on the basis of intelligent templates that Graphit has developed together with Kega. These templates are provided with formatting rules that ensure that the articles are placed the way you want on the page - ideal!

The profit

This solution finally gives Hoogvliet the desired control over the production process of all weekly campaign materials. Lead times have been greatly reduced. Moreover, Hoogvliet itself can easily adjust content on the folder pages by performing new uploads of data. In short, the above case has resulted in a particularly efficient workflow between Hoogvliet and Kega. Hoogvliet provides the content, after which they can leave the design process to Kega.


Can you also use the necessary help with your layout processes? We are happy to advise you on optimizing these processes.

And if you want to know more about retail agency Kega, go to www.kega.nl.


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