The ideal folder layout process: Hoogvliet Supermarkten implements Publication Organizer

The weekly door-to-door brochure

Every week, Hoogvliet Supermarkten distributes a door-to-door brochure containing all weekly offers. Various teams are involved in the preparation and planning of the weekly campaigns: marketing, category managers, photographers and designers. All disciplines regularly consult with each other, whereby new insights are constantly emerging. Changes to the layout are therefore often necessary. Because Hoogvliet has entrusted the creative process to advertising agency XXS, a well-oiled process and seamless cooperation are indispensable.

Optimizing the process

With that goal in mind, Hoogvliet teamed up with XXS and Graphit last year. The goal: to thoroughly automate the folder layout process. The software platform: Graphit Publication Organizer. What does the new method look like and what has it yielded?

Creation: three rounds, one process

Hoogvliet manages the product texts for the website and for all offline communication in a promotion system. An Excel file is drawn from this every week. This contains all product descriptions, prices and references to images for the weekly campaigns, including the correct positioning on the pages. The folder coordinator uploads this file to the platform. The system then generates an Adobe InDesign layout of the folder fully automatically. This is shared internally with those involved, who can make changes to the trusted Excel file.

This process is repeated three times, without the involvement of a designer. After that, a final version is automatically created in Adobe InDesign, in which specific wishes regarding the layout can be included as annotations via the supporting workflow.

Fine-tuning: intensive collaboration on the layout

When the file is ready, XXS will be notified via the workflow. It is time for the advertising agency to further shape the Adobe InDesign file, so that the folder gets the right look. XXS shares the files via the same workflow, so that Hoogvliet can view them in the web browser and (if necessary) provide them with annotations about changes. Everyone can view and approve the status of the pages via the digital shelf and the workflow. The process is repeated until Hoogvliet is completely satisfied.

In addition, the Publication Organizer offers a complete image bank based on Elvis DAM. All images for the folders, the POS material and the website are managed here. Elvis DAM takes care of the automatic delivery of images in the correct format for all channels.

Result: more quality, consistency and flexibility

The process has improved considerably with Publication Organizer. Hoogvliet and XXS work together seamlessly on the platform. At the touch of a button, the many parties involved can generate folder pages themselves to view them online and make changes. They can also request and approve changes to the layout.

Hoogvliet now has full control over the folder, which means that it can monitor the quality and consistency much better. Moreover, the degree of flexibility has increased enormously, because the implementation of (last minute) corrections takes place entirely internally.

In the words of the supermarket chain:

“Thanks to the Publication Organizer, we can work very efficiently with XXS, without compromising creativity. This allows us to fully focus on the effectiveness of our weekly campaigns! ”

- Anneke van Kempen, Marketing Manager, Hoogvliet Supermarkten


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