Graphit celebrates its 35th anniversary with support for 4Ocean

Graphit will be 35 years old in December 2018. A good moment for a brief look back and forward. In this blog, we will talk to Graphit partners Ronald Leusink and Sybrand Vochteloo.

“Platform service provider”

The fact that Graphit has been around for more than 3 decades is special. “In the IT world we are a kind of mammoth,” says Sybrand. “In 1983 the first Apple computers were shipped from the US. At the time, of course, we could not have imagined that the then 'Knijnenberg Systems' would grow into who we are today. ”

“For the first 10 to 15 years of our existence, we mainly worked for designers and advertising agencies,” says Ronald. “The Apple Macintosh - the Mac - really revolutionized design and layout. The Mac has replaced the drawing board at breakneck speed. At the time, we sold Mac computers and provided DTP training to designers. We have gradually started to automate more and more layout and publishing processes using workflow and image bank software. During this period we started working more and more for publishers and brands. Now Graphit is truly a service provider for platforms - for managing, creating and publishing high-quality content for all common media channels. ”

"Nowadays customers want to publish content themselves"

Developments such as the internet, online purchasing, smartphones and mobile working have made 'digital' the keyword. In practice, this means that organizations want to have their rich content organized in their own database and workflow. “We see that publishers are becoming more brands and brands more and more publishers,” says Sybrand. “Nowadays brands have a strong need to manage, reuse and publish content themselves. They want to keep control of their own content creation and publishing processes. Our platforms are fully equipped for that. ”

“Companies no longer want to take on large, expensive IT projects,” says Ronald. “A service where you pay per month for the use of the software is preferred. We have adapted our business model to this. ”

"On to the next 35 years!"

The partners have a clear vision for the future. “Digital options, such as Big Data and CRM links, mean marketers are increasingly able to communicate 1-on-1 with their target audience,” says Ronald. “You can offer content that is very well tailored to the individual. The technical possibilities for this are great and there is a future for Graphit. ”

“It's about increasingly rich content,” observes Sybrand. “Not only text and images are important; video and context also count. We are increasingly moving towards the combination of those content elements. ”

But not everything changes. Graphit will continue to attach great importance to partnership in the future: “We have long-term relationships with our customers and do everything we can to support them in their daily content processes,” says Ronald. “We also work with a close-knit group of people. We also welcome new people with new ideas to help us further develop our business. ”

Sybrand agrees: "I'm curious what awaits us in the next 35 years!"

Celebrate by pouring

40cean bracelet graphit 768x731 1

A 35th anniversary requires a special promotion. Instead of throwing a party, we would like to contribute to the fight against plastic soup in the ocean together with our relations. We do this by donating a bracelet made of plastic that has been taken from the ocean. With the purchase of every bracelet, we support the 4Ocean organization, which wants to create a sustainable future for the oceans by actively cleaning them - together with the coastlines.


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