Graphit and VIXY join forces: “Our services complement each other perfectly”

As of April 2019, Graphit has entered into a partnership with VIXY, a video streaming platform that integrates one-on-one with our DAM system. In this blog, Niels Buningh, managing partner at VIXY, talks about the 'how', 'what' and 'why' behind this brand new collaboration. "We serve the same type of customers, our services complement each other perfectly and I like the people at Graphit to work with!"

"Suitable for external and internal communication"

Those who regularly work with videos will benefit greatly from the new partnership. “While Graphit's DAM system is primarily aimed at storing and using content, we are focused on managing and publishing video content,” Niels explains. “VIXY has a video management system in which several employees can work together. From there they publish videos on their website. ” The great thing is that this system works for external and internal communication. "If you want to publish e-learning videos or a speech of the CEO in a protected manner, for example, you can."

"Deliver videos at lightning speed from one environment"

How exactly does the new integration work? Niels: “You can simply find all your video content in Graphit's central DAM system. But the moment you want to deliver it, you can do so very quickly via our platform. Our content delivery network is an add-on to the WoodWing Assets platform. And because Graphit and VIXY share the same server environment, we deliver everything from the same data center. As a result, the lines are short. ”

"Overview and insight plus your own branding"

Are you currently publishing videos via social media or via your own video platform? From now on this is no longer necessary. “In any case, it is useful to deliver videos in one go from the Graphit platform,” says Niels. “But there are also other advantages to this. This way you can completely adapt the video play solution to your own branding and house style. You can customize and enrich the video player with interactive elements. In addition, it is possible to measure how a video actually performs, because our player integrates with all major analytics packages. With VIXY you actually have a kind of video marketing tool at your disposal. ”

In short, an integration that helps customers improve? “Absolutely,” agrees Niels. "You store your video content properly, deliver it super fast, integrate the platform within your existing site and keep an overview!"


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