Graphit and Publiqare join forces to automate content creation and publishing processes

Need for high-quality content explodes due to digital transformation

Krommenie, Veenendaal, 14 July 2021 – Publiqare and Graphit together have more than 35 years of knowledge and experience in optimizing content creation and publication processes at publishers, media companies and brands. Both companies are now joining forces. This merger will make them one of the largest IT service providers in Europe in the field of content orchestration; marketing, automation, digital asset management and workflow management. This merger will enable the newly formed organization to provide an even better response to the growing demand for automating processes for managing, creating and publishing rich visual content.

PubliQare has offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Portugal and focuses on national and international publishers and media companies. Graphit mainly focuses on the major brands and publishers of magazines on the Dutch market. There is room in the new company for all employees of both companies.

Digital Transformation
Jeroen Goemans, partner and founder of Publiqare, explains: “By joining forces, we can help customers even better with their digital transformation with our innovative cloud solutions. With the merger, we are taking a major step towards becoming the leading European player in the field of Content Orchestration. Using our common software platforms based on software from Woodwing, PublishOne and Adobe, our customers can create and manage rich visual content for their websites, apps, social media, television and print much more efficiently. Graphit's knowledge and experience with brands offers us enormous opportunities to help more customers internationally with their content issues”.

An orchestra without a conductor
Ronald Leusink, partner Graphit explains: “Never before has marketing been so decisive for the growth of a company. The palette of possibilities for every marketer to communicate with his target group is almost unlimited. With the merger, we are combining all our knowledge and experience to help our customers even better. A brand without orchestrated content creation processes is like an orchestra without a conductor. Our software platforms ensure that our customers can organize their content creation and management processes much more efficiently, so that the effectiveness of marketing and sales will grow exponentially. Thanks to PubliQare's international experience, we can now also offer our expertise to brands outside the Netherlands.”

New name
The management of the new company is formed by the three partners of PubliQare and Graphit, Jeroen Goemans, Hans Fermont and Ronald Leusink. They will merge the two organizations with a completion date of 1 January 2022. The new company will be given a new name and will be set up in a new location.

About Publiqare and Graphit:

publiqare and Graphit are both implementation partners of Woodwing software. Both organizations help publishers, media companies and brands streamline their content creation, content management and multichannel publishing processes. The combination of the state of the art software platforms and the extensive knowledge of the relevant content processes are of great value to the customers of both companies.

Publiqare mainly focuses on publishers and media companies in Europe, Graphit focuses, in addition to publishers and media companies, increasingly on national and international brands with their headquarters in Europe.


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