Graphit is expanding its marcom platform with campaign management tool Wrike

Graphit is expanding its workflow platform for content creation with Wrike, the campaign management tool for brands. By joining forces and leveraging each other's knowledge and experience, we can help even more organizations streamline their marketing and content creation processes.

Ronald Leusink, Partner at Graphit: “We see many customers struggling with briefings and managing the planning for content creation. Wrike fully responds to this with his online campaign management tool. Wrike's solution fits well with our mission to 'build bridges between brands and technology'. Campaign dashboarding is an enrichment and added value on top of our core solutions for digital asset management, content creation and Adobe InDesign automation. All internal and external teams involved in the creation and management of campaigns can thus collaborate efficiently anytime, anywhere, and keep control of all resources and campaigns.

Create, manage and plan all your campaigns from one environment

Campaign management

The corona crisis resulted in a digital wake-up call. From one day to the next, digital collaboration has become essential. Ronald Leusink: “We also saw this with our customers. The digital transformation is in full swing. Many of our customers have responded well to this. Nevertheless, we notice that some teams still work independently of each other: the well-known silos. It is a shame that colleagues do not share and / or (re) use each other's ideas and content. A missed opportunity!" 

Marketing technologies such as Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Workflow for content creation play an important role in this digital transformation. “At Graphit we have believed for years that brands are at their strongest when their marketing processes are automated and optimized as smartly as possible. Requires effective marketing orchestration of your content processes. ”

Valuable partner

Jose Manuel Fernandez, Partner Manager at van Wrike: “With Graphit we have found a valuable partner with a lot of knowledge and experience. The company's experts have been visiting brands and retailers for years. They know where the challenges lie and how best to respond to them. We also recognize team silos from the market. The overview is often lacking! ”

wrike campaign management tool 1 1

The future of digital transformation is forcing marketers to look to automated and efficient processes to stay ahead of the competition, to design omnichannel strategies even better and to shorten time to market.

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