Graphit continues to expand its team

Graphit has strengthened its team with three new colleagues; a workflow consultant, a developer and a support employee.

Due to the increasing challenges of brand owners and publishers in the field of omnichannel content creation and management of this content, we notice that the need for consultancy and guidance in the use of workflow software is strongly growing for our customers.

Due to the large number of projects in which we deploy workfow applications and image bank software at our customers, it was necessary to further expand our team.

Joris de Jong is a workflow consultant and will mainly focus on digital asset management (image bank), master data management / PIM, creative workflow and Adobe InDesign automation. Joris has gained a lot of knowledge and experience at various manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers with structuring content and optimizing publication processes and automating the layout of catalogs, brochures and flyers based on intelligent templates in Adobe InDesign.

Jenny Oudbroekhuizen is an experienced developer and will mainly work with Adobe InDesign and EasyCatalog automation.

Finally, we expanded our support team with Jeroen Jansma. Jeroen provides support to customers with regard to managing their applications, servers and processes.

With these reinforcements, we are convinced that we can assist our customers even better with their challenges in the field of content creation, content organization and omnichannel publishing.


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