Easily publish to mobile and tablet

Brands are increasingly becoming (online) publishers who want to inspire consumers with attractive brand content. Conversely, we see that publishers increasingly see their titles as brands with which they serve specific communities with content relevant to them. Online and mobile play an increasingly important role in this field.

How do you reach customers in a fragmented market?

Publishers and brands are increasingly aware that they need to find new ways to market their brand and their products. The media market has become very fragmented in recent years and the possibilities where and how users can consume content are more and more diverse.

Although brands have always been accessible to consumers through various channels, the amount of channels has now become quite a challenge. Brands need to rethink their strategies for creating and distributing their content.

Content marketing strategy

Driven by a need for as many contact moments as possible with the (potential) customer, brands are increasingly adopting a content marketing strategy. Inspiring, informing and target group-oriented relevant content is published on a weekly or even daily frequency.

This provides valuable insights into the interests and information needs of (website) visitors, enabling content and campaigns to be better tailored to potential customers.

Prominently present on mobile devices

Such insights are unfortunately a lot more difficult to obtain when it comes to app users, since the use of apps is difficult to measure. This therefore forms a barrier to using apps for content marketing. But the growth in smartphone and tablet use is forcing brands to have a prominent presence on users' mobile devices if they want to stimulate the bond between brand and customer. Many marketers and publishers have therefore experimented with apps. But a frequently heard complaint is that the making (developing) of apps takes a lot of time and therefore a lot of money.

End-to-end digital publishing solution

Sprylab, one of our partners, has developed an efficient end-to-end solution for digital publishing to tablet and smartphone. Purple Digital Stories is a software platform that allows publishers and brands to create digital content for web, tablet and mobile apps via a structured workflow, without the need for custom programming. This means one and the same solution for all digital platforms and for every device.

Fully measurable publications on mobile and tablet

Purple DS helps publishers and brands to create unique content, applications and services, and bring content to life in interactive publications in an instant. The best thing about this solution is that the use of the content on mobile and tablet is fully measurable, so that a new genre of content can be published on tablets and mobile as part of your digital and mobile marketing strategy.

Knowing more?

Do you also want to publish easily on mobile and tablet? We are happy to help you.


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