The power of medium neutral content

We live in a time when technology is developing at lightning speed. That's great, because as a marketer you have endless possibilities to communicate effectively with your target group. Branded content and individualization are increasingly important for this. All you have to do is make the most of those possibilities. That sounds simple, but in practice it often turns out to be quite a challenge.

If you want to communicate effectively, it is necessary to have good control of the various processes involved in the communication of your content. Only when those processes are in top condition will you as a marketer be able to perform at a high level.

Customer experience: target group and channel specific

To communicate to different target groups at different times in the customer journey, the message often has to be specified per target group and per channel. And that is quite a job.

Often the content for the web, for print and for the app is written and produced by different people. All that content needs to be corrected and made final. After that, the content must also be published via the various channels. That is a time-consuming process, in which you have to be very sharp to keep an overview.

Working inefficiently costs energy

There is nothing more annoying than multiple versions that you lose track of, colleagues who communicate past each other or approval that takes too long to arrive. All those things make for an inefficient and slow way of working. This not only costs the company money, it also costs you as a marketer the necessary energy. That doesn't stimulate, and you get out of shape.

The solution!

The good news is that there is a solution that will help overcome these challenges. The trick is to have marketers, designers and authors work together within the same environment. This environment is a workflow solution, especially for omnichannel content creation. Such a workflow helps you to produce and correct content not per channel, but "medium neutral".

Your omnichannel communication takes place in that workflow in a highly automated, authorized and systematic manner. Writing, determining images and adjusting content is then done independently of the type of communication channel. This ensures that you no longer have discussions about the content, and that you do not have to make separate corrections per channel. This allows you to focus your energy on the important things: the content creation!

Also something for you?

In short, if you as a marketer are struggling with the organization of your content creation and your processes are not in good shape, then investigate whether it is also useful for your company to start a new way of working: medium neutral content creation! If you want Graphit can coach you in this.


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