The EO makes magazines with new WoodWing workflow and image bank.

The Evangelische Omroep (EO) approached us a few months ago because the broadcaster was looking for a partner for a new image bank and workflow. The EO produces a number of magazines, including the broadcasting guide 'Vision' and a women's magazine 'EVA'. The applications they used are no longer supported by their vendor and so they sought replacement.

As a first step, Graphit showed, by means of a software presentation to a group of key users of the above titles, how the EO WoodWing Studio the blades can make and with WoodWing Assets can manage and open up the image bank. With the practical feedback that resulted, Graphit set up a demo environment that was in line with the desired working method of the EO. Based on this, the EO decided to work with Graphit.

Plan of action

Tony Meijer, consultant at Graphit, says: “First of all, it was necessary to replace the EVA image bank by means of a clear inventory. Think of: what kind of material is there in the image bank? Should the current environment be transferred one to one? Which metadata is used? Based on this inventory, the EO delivered an export of its image bank, including an Excel file to link the metadata after this data was imported into Assets. ”

workflow creation_WoodWing

Key users

“After this was completed, as a second step we transferred the broadcast guide 'Vision' to WoodWing Studio and WoodWing Assets. We have formed a small key-user group for this title, consisting of the designer and editor-in-chief. We have organized a number of workshops to walk through the systems together to adapt them entirely to their wishes. In the meantime it was March and Corona had also settled in our country and we continued to give those workshops via Microsoft Teams. ”

Graphit EO workflow for content creation


After the system was set up, all users were trained remotely and the first number could be produced using the new WoodWing software. While Graphit can normally be physically present at the editorial office for the first few days, this was of course not possible due to compulsory working from home. Tony: “In order to be able to respond quickly to questions, I was always available by telephone and via Teamviewer. That way I could watch from a distance, questions did not get lost and I could provide support quickly and easily where necessary. ”

A large number of issues of 'Vision' have already been made and the EVA editors have produced the first issue via the Graphit platform. “All in all, I have experienced this as a very fun and educational project with a group of enthusiastic people at the EO,” said Tony.


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