The image bank challenge from

Everyone knows The webshop was founded in 1999 and was the first online bookshop in the Netherlands. grew rapidly and currently serves 6.5 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The online store is now the market leader in the online sale of books, entertainment, electrical appliances and toys.

Assortment: 14.5 million articles has about 14.5 million articles in its range. Just try to imagine the number of articles that fly over the virtual counter at every day ... Good images of all those articles must be collected and put online. That does not happen automatically!

Images: up to 200,000 per day

Stores such as have a huge challenge in managing their image bank. Every day the webshop receives up to 200,000 images from the different suppliers of their range. All those images must be indexed and stored, of course with the correct and effective metadata. And then the most suitable images have to be selected for the online shop window, in other words to put on the website.

Files: Up to 1 billion in total

You need a robust image bank to process and manage such an enormous bulk of files. Graphit helped to find such an image bank. had a number of requirements: the image bank had to 1) be able to handle a huge number of files, 2) have a user-friendly interface in combination with an open architecture, and 3) contain a well-documented API (development interface). It became WoodWing Studio's image bank, in which up to 1 billion files can be managed.

How? API and PIM come to the rescue could use the API to create scripts with which automatic selections of the images can be made based on the metadata associated with the images. These scripts contain predefined criteria with which the images are filtered. This considerably simplifies the selection process for the product managers. An integration between WoodWing Studio and the Product Information Management system - we wrote about this in an earlier one blog - ensures that data and files can be worked in real time.

Infinite room for growth!

Result: the processing and publication process has been simplified and made more flexible, and is no longer a bottleneck for's growth and ambitions.

Are you a webshop that also needs a solid database to properly manage all your images and enable growth? Come and talk to us, we are happy to advise you!


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