CRV takes control: “From WoodWing Assets we can position our brand very strongly”

CRV is an innovative international livestock improvement organization. Because the cooperative is active in more than 60 countries, it is crucial to convey the corporate identity consistently in all communications. From the head office in Arnhem, Mirjam Braam, head of the Design and Editing department, explains the lines for branding the brand worldwide. Together with her colleagues, she ensures that all branches have the correct templates. “WoodWing Assets is of great added value,” she says. "From there we can establish our brand very strongly."

"The combination of Woodwing Enterpise and WoodWing Assets turned out to be very effective"

CRV creates a lot of rich content that appeals to the imagination, such as catalogs, videos and infographics. But the organization lacked a strong tool that provides control over these productions. “We wanted to work effectively with our foreign colleagues and distributors and roll out our material to them in a coordinated way,” explains Mirjam. That's why CRV selected a few agencies to pitch a new solution. The reason that the choice ultimately fell on Graphit? “With WoodWing Assets we can connect files to our existing workflow. Graphit provided this a long time ago by implementing Woodwing Studio satisfactorily. So we were already familiar with Graphit as a business partner. ”

"Graphit made our complicated design manageable"

With WoodWing Assets, CRV is in control of its content processes: “All our digital assets are managed in WoodWing Assets. We can make it accessible to everyone within our organization, but also to parties outside of it, such as our distributors. That saves everyone involved a lot of search time. We can also share the files directly from WoodWing Assets with parties via a share link. For this we no longer need WeTransfer or Dropbox. We can determine who is allowed to download the assets from WoodWing Assets. This is very important, because we work with a large network of distributors on a global level. Although we want to involve them in the process, they are not allowed to see everything. Therefore it is necessary to work with user groups. In WoodWing Assets this is very streamlined: you can determine very well who is allowed to see and download what. ”

The fact that CRV works with a large number of user groups did not make it any easier at first: “It was quite a job to set up WoodWing Assets properly. But the collaboration with Graphit is very pleasant. Graphit thinks along strongly and explains everything calmly and clearly - up to ten times, if we ask for it! ”

"Increasing role for WoodWing Assets"

In the future, Mirjam sees a greater role for WoodWing Assets: “It is already very important in strengthening and repositioning our brand, because we can easily roll out our adapted corporate identity and have a grip on our brand. But we are thinking of further expansion. We are currently developing all kinds of sales tools with which we want to establish a connection from WoodWing Assets over time. In addition, we may want to tighten control over the use of content at a given time. Now we encourage our foreign colleagues to put content in WoodWing Assets themselves, but we may change this in the future. Graphit is flexible enough to offer us these kinds of possibilities. And together with Graphit we can further organize these processes - completely tailored to our organization. ”


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