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ncoi 1


NCOI wanted to be able to manage and publish all marketing content for digital and offline (print) independently of the channel and independent of the brand. NCOI was looking for a platform to enrich its back office content with commercial texts and images so that they can be published to the online and offline channels for all brands.

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Quantore EasyCatalog

Quantore automatic formatting catalogs

Quantore is a cooperative and the house brand of more than 400 office retailers in the Netherlands.
The range includes more than 24,000 office supplies. Various catalogs are drawn up every year to support sales. Read how Graphit helped with the automatic layout of their various catalogs in InDesign.

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sphere is one of the most popular (web) stores in the Netherlands and Belgium and is also the market leader in the online sale of books, entertainment, electrical appliances and toys.

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karl 1

Karl Lagerfeld

KARL LAGERFELD asked Graphit to set up a central server environment for its design studio.

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Read in this case how Graphit, together with Elsevier, opted for an unambiguous working method that allows articles to be placed on the websites in a simple manner from the editorial process for the magazines. An important requirement was that they wanted to outsource the entire IT management of the platform to Graphit.

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graphit artis and graphit implementation of elvis image bank and penguin adoption 1


Artis owns many rich digital files. Graphit has helped Artis to store, manage and manage all their visual material in a structured way so that they can quickly and efficiently tell their beautiful stories to the public. Both in the park and on the website.

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hearst 1


The goal of Hearst was to implement an Online Editing platform in addition to a Digital Asset Management solution, with which all Hearst titles can be edited. Editing and design work seamlessly together in a streamlined workflow and integrated DAM environment from Graphit.

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Graphit_app_Royal Library

Magazine App Koninklijke Bibliotheek

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague is committed to digitization. An app on which readers can borrow sixteen magazines - from Vrij Nederland and Psychologie Magazine to Margriet - is part of this.

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cows cnv graphit


CRV creates a lot of rich content that appeals to the imagination, such as catalogs, videos and infographics. But the organization lacked a strong tool that provides control over these productions. “We wanted to work effectively with our foreign colleagues and distributors and roll out our material to them in a coordinated way,” explains Mirjam.

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vvva image


Vereniging van Arts en Auto, VvAA, was looking for an it partner who could support the editorial and design processes both functionally and moderately. Graphit guided VvAA in the implementation of a tailor-made editorial workflow with image bank from the cloud.

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Graphit Hoogvliet Zoetermeer


Every week, Hoogvliet Supermarkten distributes a door-to-door brochure containing all weekly offers. Read in this customer case how Hoogvliet, together with Graphit, has extensively automated the publication process of the door-to-door brochures.

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WoodWing Workflow VPRO Graphit header 1


Recently the name 'Multimedia Publisher VPRO Guide' was created. This expresses an ambition: in addition to the paper guide, this branch of the VPRO also wants to develop digital activities. This turned out to require a multichannel platform for content creation, publication and management.

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Elvis background


The Nederlands Openlucht Museum was looking for an image bank that meets the requirements of the current market and that also offers possibilities with regard to links with existing systems such as Adlib and the public website.

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Law enforcement

When the police decided to centralize some of its communication activities, it also scrutinized its trials. They wanted to make the editorial processes of the communication department easier, better and faster. 

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Screenshot 2020 11 25 at 18.07.13


The starting point of the ANWB was to set up a media neutral editorial workflow with which both web publications and print publications can be managed.

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Detailresult Group Graphit

DekaMarkt-Dirk van den Broek

Detailresult has chosen Woodwing Assets to manage and distribute all visual material and artwork.
In addition, the folders are created semi-automatically using Adobe InDesign and Paginator (EasyCatalog).

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gassan 1


Gassan has an internal DTP studio that develops all kinds of communication tools, such as brochures and price lists. Drawing up these price lists was a very laborious process with many correction rounds. Due to the increasing use of mobile, social and internet, the DTP studio was running out of time. Read how Paginator (EasyCatalog) now automates repetitive layout tasks.

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Ingredients for digital transformation are now available at GroenRijk and GRS Retail

GRS & Groenrijk Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Within the marketing campaign, GRS Retail and GroenRijk offer their members various marketing expressions (including folders, advertisements, social media messages) in digital and printed form. GroenRijk also manages its own webshop. There are the necessary wishes to be able to roll out the marketing campaigns properly. The webshop must be lifted to a higher level, designers want to be able to work more efficiently and the members of GRS Retail want to align their marketing resources more closely with the local market.

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Content Orchestration

Audax Publishing

In order to be able to work quickly and flexibly, Audax Publishing approached Graphit to set up its editorial workflow. There was a need for editors, designers and publishers to work better together, both at the office and from home.

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brand new

New Skool Media

New Skool Media uses Woodwing Assets to support its editorial and design processes.
NSM's portfolio now consists of 19 nationally known, special interest brands, including Fiets, EWMagazine, Beleggers Belangen, Columbus, KnipMode, Vorsten, KIJK and delicious.

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Farmhouse / Misset

Misset has opted for the Woodwing best of breed solution to make its editors work “web first”. The platform implemented by Graphit is at the heart of content creation for web and for print.

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Albelli offers its customers personalized photo products such as
photo albums, wall decorations, cards, mugs and calendars. For managing all graphics in all photo albums, Albelli was looking for a DAM solution from which all graphics can be automatically accessed to the website.

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bavaria case

Bavaria chooses Digital Asset Management from Graphit

Managing, worldwide access to digital marketing content and monitoring the corporate identity of all online and offline communication is essential for Bavaria's global marketing campaigns and brand consistency. Read here how Digital Asset Management helps the Global Product Management department with this.

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nickname 1


Nike organizes sales events four times a year, where the new collections are presented. All kinds of printed matter such as price lists and brochures were produced for briefing the sales teams. Learn how Nike solved these briefings with an app instead of print.

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Ter Steege Graphit EasyCatalog 1

Ter Steege automatic layout of brochures

Ter Steege is a wholesaler of a large and diverse range of pots, lifestyle items and souvenirs. All products are of our own design and are manufactured at our own locations in Asia and Portugal, among others. The marketing department takes care of the brochures and price lists with an in-house design studio. Graphit helped Ter Steege automate the layout of these documents.

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Casa has an internal design and photo studio that daily creates all promotional content for the website and for the door-to-door brochures. Given the large and ever-changing range, it was essential to set up an image bank, or a digital asset management system for managing and publishing all content for the website, the folders and for the Point of Sale material.

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Yamaha Motor Europe with Publication Organizer serves 24/7 distributors and dealers in 26 European countries with full localized marketing materials. In addition, all visual content is managed in the integrated DAM and made accessible to the website and the press room. By using the platform, Yamaha has been able to save enormously on operational costs and the time to market of product releases and campaigns has been drastically reduced.

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