It Dutch Open Air Museum (NOM) is a cultural history museum in Arnhem. The past comes to life in the museum. The NOM gives you a picture of authentic buildings, objects and true stories in a modern guise with interactive exhibitions. They take you on a journey through time. From hunter-gatherers to recent history. You are short of eyes and ears.


The Netherlands Open Air Museum (NOM) was looking for one DAM solution which meets the requirements of the current market and which also offers possibilities with regard to links with various other systems.

Powerful search system

The NOM works a lot with visual material; For example, the Marketing and Communication department needs images for the museum's exposure, the Education department for the educational program and the Collection and Management department uses images to supplement the registration of the entire collection. The Canon presentation would mainly use digital multimedia: photos, videos, presentations.  


During a tendering process, Graphit emerged as the winning contractor thanks to a detailed plan of action for the implementation of the new system, including the desired links with, among others, the NOM website and with Adlib - a collection management system in which all works from Dutch museums can be found. and of course NOM also uses. A digital asset management system (DAM) needed to be able to handle all the required content. The museum wanted a system in which you no longer have to search via an explorer, but can find exactly what you are looking for via a powerful search system, or where you can quickly find something in the direction you are looking for using a search term and filtering. WoodWing Assets is just such a system.

Manage HR content

Graphit, together with the future key users, carefully examined how the organization works, how departments work together and how images were handled at that time. In addition to the image bank of the Marketing and Communication department that was due for replacement, NOM uses the Adlib collection management system, as mentioned above. It describes more than 150,000 museum objects and 300,000 photos, books and other documentary material of the NOM. However, this system is not suitable for managing the many high resolution (HR) images that the museum has, such HR content fits better in a new image bank.

Impressive implementation

The result of the implementation of Elvis DAM is impressive. Maps are no longer used and the metadata of images is done in an unambiguous way. Ruud Teunissen, IT Project Manager at NOM explains; Our employees are very pleased with the speed of Elvis, and colleagues who work with collection material can now find things faster. Leaving them more time for innovation!

Indispensable system

It turns out to be an indispensable system. The greatest benefit is having all images stored centrally, their findability, and the fact that DAM serves as a source of content for various platforms and can handle gigantic amounts of data. The software is also linked to the NOM website so that collections can easily be accessed via the website. You can see a nice example of the online collection at the website of the NOM.
“WoodWing Assets linked to our Collection Registration System (CRS) has even yielded performance gains. One central system for video and image material ”. - Ruud Teunissen Project manager ICT NOM


Higher ROI from marketing assets
Higher ROI from marketing assets
Integration of data and files
Stable work processes
Secure data storage
Accelerate the time to market


Higher ROI from marketing assets
Integration of data and files
Stable work processes
Secure data storage
Accelerate the time to market

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