CASE: DekaMarkt-Dirk van den Broek

Detailresult Groep NV was created in 2008 from a merger of the two Dutch supermarket chains DekaMarkt and Dirk van den Broek. Detailresult Groep is a family business and successfully operates two supermarket formulas. In doing so, it offers other family businesses in the Dutch supermarket sector a platform to join and achieve synergy benefits. Together they are affiliated with the purchasing consortium Superunie. Detailresult Groep currently has 198 branches with over 19,000 employees. In 2015, consumer sales amounted to more than 2 billion euros.


The marketing department, the purchasing department and the design studio work together daily on the realization of the weekly campaigns. This is a complex and intensive process in which a lot of image material and copy has to be processed in the communication expressions for various channels and applications. Detailresult has its own design studio that is responsible for the creation of the weekly folders, the point of sales material and the content on the website for Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt.


Woodwing Assets

Detailresult has chosen to manage and distribute all visual material and artwork Woodwing Assets. The powerful Digital Asset Management software is used by the marketing, purchasing and studio departments. This means that everyone works with the correct source files and there is no redundancy. The DAM solution is integrated with the promotion system (Flow Fabric) and the PIM system (Stibo) of Detailresult Groep. From these integrated source and planning systems, the weekly campaigns for all publication channels are fed with content. The studio is offered structured content and ensures that it is incorporated into the layout of the weekly brochure, the point of sales materials and on the website through an efficient layout process. For this, use is made of the Adobe InDesign Paginator plugin (EasyCatalog).
The workout consisted of:
  • analysis
  • implementation
  • management and maintenance


Higher ROI from marketing assets
Integration of data and files
Lower process costs
Multi-channel publication
Collaborate online in workflow
Stable work processes
Shortened creation and production cycles


Integration of data and files
Lower process costs
Multi-channel publication
Collaborate online in workflow
Stable work processes
Shortened creation and production cycles

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