One of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in Amsterdam, Albelli consists of a group of brands that supply photo products to more than four million customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Albelli helps people make their world a better place by sharing their moments through photo albums, wall decorations, calendars, cards and more. Albelli's mission is to make the world a bit more beautiful by bringing people's moments to life. With quality, affordability and great customer service.


The product design team designs various creative graphics and templates to ensure that Albelli can create and adapt photo albums and other products entirely according to their wishes. Managing and updating these graphics to the website was a very laborious process. "IMPROVING OUR WORKFLOW: FROM TWENTY-SEVEN TO FOUR STEPS" - was the main goal for Pietro Pagani, Product Design Manager at Albelli.


The foundation from which the department operates: A solid Digital Asset Management. "Our team now spends much less time on recurring, manual tasks and more on research and creativity. That way we can add much more value. ” According to Pietro.


Since the product design team Graphit's DAM solution Woodwing Assets used, Albelli has significantly improved its workflow. “We used to run through twenty-seven steps to get a new product going live in our galleries, ” Pietro explains. “Now this takes significantly less time because of the process faster and more scalable. We are also still working on reducing the number of steps. Ultimately, this will become two. ”


About three years ago, Albelli started looking for a new partner who could provide a digital asset management solution. “We took a long time about making a decision. What we especially like about WoodWing Assets is that it is fully customizable to meet the needs of Albelli. We also like Graphit's pragmatic approach. In front of these types of projects it is important to have face-to-face meetings and keep the lines short. The purposefulness and the Graphit's pragmatism is a big plus in our collaboration. ”


The role of WoodWing Assets is very important to Albelli's business proposition. “Currently only our team and the IT department are using it platform, but we plan to expand its use, ” says Pietro. He sees opportunities for growth in the near future: “As soon as we have completed our project, we want the platform make available to the marketing team, which is spread all over Europe." Pietro is happy with the DAM solution WoodWing Assets: “It has enabled us to greatly improve our product and process. I am very satisfied with our collaboration ”.


Higher ROI from marketing assets
Integration of data and files
Lower process costs
Stable work processes
Shortened creation and production cycles
Accelerate the time to market


Integration of data and files
Lower process costs
Stable work processes
Shortened creation and production cycles
Accelerate the time to market

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