Albelli embraces Elvis DAM: “We can now add much more value”

Albelli offers its customers personalized photo products such as photo albums, wall decorations, cards, mugs and calendars. The company's mission: to make the world a better place by bringing people's moments to life. To ensure that customers can fully customize products to their liking, the product design team designs various creative options. The foundation from which the department operates: WoodWing Assets. “Our team now spends less time on repetitive, manual tasks and more on research and creativity,” said Pietro Pagani, product design manager at Albelli. "That way we can add much more value."

“Improve our workflow: from twenty-seven to four steps”

Since using WoodWing Assets, the product design team has significantly improved its workflow. “We used to go through twenty-seven steps to get a new product going live in our galleries,” explains Pietro. “Now this takes significantly less time, because the process is faster and more scalable. And we are still working on reducing the number of steps. Ultimately, this will become two. ”

About three years ago, Albelli started looking for a new partner who could provide a digital asset management solution. “It took us a long time to make a decision. What we particularly like about WoodWing Assets is that it can be fully customized to Albelli's needs. We also really like Graphit's pragmatic approach. For these types of projects it is important to have face-to-face meetings and keep the lines short. Graphit's goal-orientation and pragmatism is a big plus in our collaboration. ”

"Opportunities for growth in the near future"

The role of WoodWing Assets is very important to Albelli's business proposition. “Currently only our team and IT department use the platform, but we plan to expand its use,” says Pietro. He sees opportunities for growth in the near future: "As soon as we have completed our project, we want to make the platform available to the marketing team, which is spread all over Europe."

Overall, Pietro is happy with WoodWing Assets: “It has enabled us to greatly improve our product and process. I am very satisfied with our collaboration ”.


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