Pagination module

Pagination module

With the pagination module you page product information in an InDesign text flow as anchored boxes (or as plain text); at positions specified by the data source, such as page number, X and Y position. You can also create a layout template and link it to a data source. In both cases the Pagination Module takes care of the pagination of the pages.


  • Comma separated files, such as CSV or tab delimited
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Google Docs spreadsheets
  • Any ODBC compliant database using the optional ODBC data provider
  • An XML file or XML feed from a URL using the optional XML data provider
  • An Asset Management or PIM system using the optional Enterprise Data Provider
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Automatic layout using intelligent templates

With InDesign Automation you can save a lot of time and costs on DTP work and shorten the turnaround times for publications.

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