EasyCatalog Server

EasyCatalog Serer is a plug-in on Adobe InDesign Server. Using EasyCatalog Server, marketing and product management departments can automatically create Adobe InDesign documents, such as brochures and catalogs, without the intervention of DTP staff. Publication Organizer uses EasyCatalog Server.
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Automatic layout using intelligent templates

With InDesign Automation you can save a lot of time and costs on DTP work and shorten the turnaround times for publications.


You can now take even more advantage of automated formatting! It is no longer necessary to find the correct images, sizes and codes for every item in your product list (a time consuming, error-prone process, as a designer can easily overlook something). The paginator module is part of our content orchestration platform “Publication Organizer”. This allows you to automatically format structured data files from a source system such as PIM or from Excel using intelligent templates for brochures and POS material. Corrections can be made in the source files and are automatically placed in the layout - up to the last changes. All involved parties can view pages, make adjustments and change item positions without the help of designers. This way, everyone has access to the latest version anytime, anywhere, making this process much more efficient. Thanks to the media-neutral platform, your content is available for all desired channels, both online and offline. Create once, publish many!