Graphit transforms

Graphit launches its new identity. For one of the first integration partners of Adobe and WoodWing in the Netherlands, the time has come for the next step.
Since 1983 Graphit has been helping companies automate creative and publishing processes. Whereas Graphit used to mainly serve studios and publishers, there are now also many marketers of major brands who need expertise in facilitating the right software that makes the creation, management and publication of all their content manageable. Marketers and publishers have converged, so marketers are becoming publishers and publishers are becoming brands.

In recent years, Graphit has started working more and more for brands such as, Bavaria, Yamaha Motor Europe, Nike, Gassan, G-Star and NCOI, in addition to publishers such as Reed Business, New Skool Media, Audax and Hearst. “By nature we are mainly busy with the content and not always outgoing. But if we want to serve more brands, then we should no longer remain the best-kept secret in the Netherlands ”, says Ronald Leusink, one of Graphit's partners. "That is why we want to position ourselves more clearly."

“The experience we have gained over the years at studios and publishers in optimizing their creative and publishing processes has proven to be hugely relevant to brand owners. If brands want to continue to communicate effectively with their target groups, they will have to master their content and content creation processes. ” Brand owners nowadays are confronted with phenomena such as branded content, big data, and multichannel. Content marketing and data-driven content has become increasingly important for marketers. “We have noticed that marketers have been working very intensively on these topics in recent years and are taking steps towards more targeted and personalized communication. In order to respond to all these possibilities, it is essential to use software that helps them manage, create and publish their content. That is exactly where our expertise lies, and we enjoy nothing more than helping brands with this ”, says Sybrand Vochteloo, Graphit's other partner.

The market for marketing tool providers has grown exponentially over the past 5 years, from 150 to nearly 4000 providers. The large amount of technical possibilities, combined with the speed of developments, have meant that marketers and publishers need independent parties who can guide them through the jungle of solutions. And that is exactly what Graphit does.

“We see that more and more brands are ready to structure and automate their content creation and publication processes. We help our customers with the analysis of their current working method, we provide advice for optimizing their content creation and publication processes, and implement the best suitable best of breed software. In addition, we assist our customers in managing their software platforms, ”explains Ronald Leusink.

Graphit is launching its new identity at the beginning of spring. It does this with a sharper positioning and a brand new website. Ronald: “We are very enthusiastic and notice that our entire organization needed sharper communication and a fresh face. Our new pay-off is Creative Workflow Consultants and has a clear claim: Building bridges between Brands and Technology. Our new face is reflected in the fresh green corporate identity of our renewed website. We are ready!"

For questions, please contact Ronald Leusink, Commercial Director and Partner.

+31 (0) 75 628 60 06 or


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