VVAA Association of Arts and Auto workflow & image bank

VvAA has been operating as a member organization and service provider at the heart of healthcare for over 90 years. They are there for more than 117,000 doctors, paramedics, (para) medical students and healthcare institutions.

VvAA was looking for an it partner who could support the editorial and design processes both functionally and moderately. Graphit advised VvAA with an editorial workflow and the infrastructural layout of editorial and design. In consultation with VvAA, it has been decided to use WoodWing DAM for managing all images and design in Adobe InDesign. Metadata of all files is essential for easy retrieval and reuse. WoodWing DAM works very intuitively for both editorial and design. Files are automatically metadated upon import and can be further enriched with additional metadata. Elvis now offers VvAA the opportunity to have a complete overview of current productions. In addition, Graphit supports both editors and studio employees of VvAA with an SLA in both application area (Adobe and WoodWing DAM) and Apple server and workplace area.


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