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Software platform for Orchestrating your Brand, Marketing and Sales Content


Due to the enormous growth of online marketing and e-commerce, the need for quality content has exploded. When creating texts and visuals, a lot of valuable time is wasted collecting, searching and sharing the correct files and editing and approving them for publication on the website, on social, in apps and in brochures.


Our platform Publication Organiser ensures that you can fully orchestrate the content creation and publishing processes of your organization and save a lot of time and costs. Our consultants have years of experience in streamlining and automating these processes at brands and publishers. They are happy to help you set up efficient workflows specifically for your organization. 

Central Storage of Digital Assets

Smart reuse and online sharing of your artwork, visuals and corporate identity


Collaborate with various teams on the creation of storytelling content


Intelligent templates for brochures, catalogs and pos linked to back office


What is the difference between DAM and PIM and how do they complement each other?

What is the difference between DAM and PIM and how do they complement each other?

Sometimes there is a lack of clarity about the difference between a PIM and a DAM system. Hence a blog about PIM vs. DAM, ...

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wrike marketing resources tool

Graphit is expanding its marcom platform with campaign management tool Wrike

Graphit is expanding its workflow platform for content creation with Wrike, the campaign management tool for brands. By joining forces ...

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Efficient workflow for content creation

"Take control as a marketer: bring the fragmented content landscape back together."

Lockdown and curfew extension until March 2. 'Work from home as much as possible' was Rutte's advice. That goes well ...

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